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Pink Tie Guys is an awareness campaign featuring prominent men from the Greater Cincinnati community who serve as Ambassadors for breast health. By simply wearing a special Komen Pink Ribbon logo tie at community events, these men hope to spark conversations about the importance of early detection; the best protection against breast cancer. The Pink Tie Guy initiative is also aimed at engaging more men in the breast cancer movement and empowering them to be involved in women's health issues.

2011 PTG

Class of 2011 Pink Tie Guys

Pictured L-R: Nick Kiefer, Touchstone; Matt Shafer, King Island;
Brian Douglas, Q102/WKRQ; Bill Teater, Great Day Productions;
Frank Marzullo, Fox 19/WXIX; Mike Puccini, The Kroger Company.
Not Pictured: Declan Mullin, The Cincinnati Reds 

Brian Douglas- 2011 PTG

Brian Douglas, Q102/WKRQ

Brian is honored to become a 2011 Pink Tie Guy as he has known various family members that have struggled with the devastating disease of breast cancer. Brian wants to get involved in this effort in any way he can and hopes that wearing his Komen Pink Tie will prompt discussions about the importance of early screening and detection as part of breast health for women.

Nick Keifer- 2011 PTG

Nick Kiefer, Touchstone


Mike Puccini- 2011 PTG

Mike Puccini, The Kroger Company

Mike believes that we are all connected to someone who has experienced breast cancer and may be fighting against this disease. To Mike, the Komen Pink Tie is an outward sign of support for those around him struggling with breast cancer and a call to action to find a cure for this devastating disease. Mike and his organization are excited about his honor as one of the 2011 Pink Tie Guys and are looking forward to utilizing this to increase breast health awareness.

Matt Shafer- 2011 PTG

Matt Shafer, Kings Island

Matt watched as members of his wife's family fought breast cancer. His passion to "get involved" and do more than watch prompted him to get involved with the Greater Cincinnati Affiliate for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In an effort to get involved in the fight against breast cancer, Matt will sport his Komen Pink Tie at Kings Island for the Cure events as he feels that this honor is a way that he can fight for a cure and encourage others to get involved in this powerful effort as well.

Frank Marzullo- 2011 PTG

Frank Marzullo, Fox 19/WXIX

Frank is honored to be a Pink Tie Guy as he believes that every reminder, visual or verbal, is just another one in winning the fight against breast cancer. Frank will wear his Komen Pink Tie proudly in hope that it will serve as a constant reminder for loved ones to get mammograms and increase awareness.

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Declan Mullin, The Cincinnati Reds

Declan is pleased to be a 2011 Pink Tie Guy as breast cancer has been prevalent in his family. Declan would like to remain a strong advocate for the Greater Cincinnati Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in order to increase breast health awareness and the significance of early screening and detection. Declan will continue to rally others to get involved in breast health awareness through locally supported activities.


Bill Teater- 2011 PTG

Bill Teater, Great Day Productions

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